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ICBC Glass Express

Suncreek Auto Glass is an ICBC approved Glass Express Shop. If you qualify, this means that you can come directly to our shop to process your glass claim saving you time.

What is the Glass Express Program?

The Glass Express Program was started by ICBC in 2002 to enable ICBC customers to have their vehicle glass and windshield claims taken care of without any need to contact ICBC directly.

Do I qualify to Make an ICBC Glass Express Claim?

If only one piece of glass is damaged in your vehicle (windshield or single window) and you have an ICBC Comprehensive coverage, we can take care of your glass claim.

Comprehensive Insurance covers damage caused by flying rocks, road debris striking and breaking your vehicle's windshield, break-ins and vandalism. (Specified Perils coverage does not include glass claims.)

In rare cases, replacing the glass in an older vehicle is more costly than the vehicle is worth. ICBC usually declares this a write-off. Suncreek Auto Glass will consult with ICBC in all cases to determine if the repairs can proceed.

As a Glass Express shop, we can handle most, but not all windshield and glass claims. If your claim meets any of the following conditions, you must obtain a claim number from ICBC before we can repair your vehicle.

  • You have a temporary Operation Permit
  • You have a Vehicle in Storage policy
  • There is damage to the headlights, taillights, mirrors, sunroof or T-bar or more then one piece of glass is broken
  • Your vehicle is more then 20 years old

Request an appointment or contact us today for more information about the ICBC Glass Express Program.

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